Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Does The ALSA bus line in Spain suck?


Well now I am in Gijón, Spain. It is seemingly a decent enough city on the north coast of Spain. It is a bit difficult to get to from A Coruña, where I was. That's not a big deal I suppose. There is a bus that runs a couple times a day. The bus station in A Coruña was not at all worthwhile. There was no cafeteria and very difficult to get around. Not as good of a facility as one would expect in a city this size.

So normally my experience with the bus line ALSA is pleasant enough, however this time I was forced to pay a bicycle charge for my little Brompton bicycle. The bicycle when folded is smaller than a regular piece of luggage. I got quite upset. It takes up less room and requires no special treatment. But none the less I paid the charge. I had no choice. The ALSA ticket agent where I paid the fee looked at the driver like he was being an absolute jerk as well. Pretty much the whole trip I fumed about how I was going to get on social media and lambast for the company. But, other than this post, I think I will just accept it and move on.  The bus ride itself was okay and the bus was one of the types that had only three seats across so that was good; but it didn't make up for the jerk bus driver.

FWIW, below is a picture of my bike folded by itself and also in its bag. The bike has been accepted without question and without additional fee on every other plane train bus and ferry that it's been on until now with alsa going from coruna to Keyshawn. This includes many other also buses. Okay ranting and venting mode being turned off.


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