Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Post

This is the first post on this new blog I thought I would start at WanderingMikeTravels.blogspot.com.  Boy, I have wanted the WanderingMike.com Domain for a while.  I finally got it.  I will link it to this at some point and figure it all out.  I am posting this to my Abueloloco blog as well as the WanderingMikeTravels blog.  The later blog will become the one I use I am guessing.  I think I will start using that one but will let all my readers know if I stop posting here.  Oh well, I guess the key is that I get back to doing this.

But talking about the subject, here is the pic.   I am the only one here on a Sunday night about a week ago.

A pleasant little city park in the north central Kansas town of Beloit.  Real middle America.  Folks are nice.  Jeez, even the flies that buzz around seem courteous.  They even have 50 amp outlets,  not that I need one.  They ask you on the entrance, in polite middle America fashion, to limit your stays to 10 days out of 60.  And they almost apologetically ask for a donation.  There is no way I can't both leave a donation and more importantly leave a few dollars with local businesses.

Listening to some oldies.  Wandering on the web.  I guess it is fall now, but I am loving it.